Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How long does it take to ship my order?

    A: Production times can vary depending on a number of factors (holidays, weekends, availability of supplies locally, etc...) We aim to ship products as soon as they are completed. T-Shirts can take up to a week before shipment; however, we are currently improving our stock to decrease turnaround time on t-shirts. Stickers usually stay in stock and can be shipped much sooner. Specialty items (shorts, hoodies, etc...) can take up to two weeks to complete production orders. We are two guys who work full time and do our best to provide quality customer service. 


2. Q: Whats the return / refund policy?

    A: If you have any complaints about the quality of our products we can either do a full refund or replace the item for you. We ask that the issue be brought to our attention via e-mail within 7 days upon delivery. 


3. Q: Are your products made in the USA?

    A: We purchase majority of our materials from local vendors and do our own production. Our company is located in Louisiana. Our vendors provide some materials that are produced outside of the United States. While we would love to use only materials made in the United States, we do choose our selections for materials based on quality, availability, and price. We do this to try to bring you the best product at a reasonable price. 


4. Q: Can I order if I live outside of the United States? 

    A: Maybe. Please e-mail us with your inquiry and we may allow for a special order. 


5. Q: Do you offer designs in any other colors not listed on the website?

    A: We can do special "customized" orders for a small additional fee. Please e-mail us with what you're wanting and we can create an invoice for your custom order. 


6. Q: Why am I not being charged for sales tax?

    A: We do not charge sales tax for out of State customers. For our online sales out of State (not in Louisiana)  the customer may be responsible to report their online purchases when filing taxes.